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Works Cited

If you use any material in your paper that required research you must include a separate works cited page. BibMe is a website that will format and organize your works cited page. You will need an email to log-in. Make sure that you get your parents permission to use BibMe. Pictorial step by step instructions are located at the bottom of this page. Click on the link works cited for grade 5 to read more on how to format your works cited.

Son of Citation Machine (another website that will format your works cited)


Use Bibme ( to write, organize, and store sources for your bibliography.

1. Register or log in (if you already have an account).  Those under 13 must have parental permission.

2. Select type of media (book, magazine, newspaper, website, journal, film, other).

3. Enter title (or subject - after finding your selection, click "select").

4. Scroll to bottom and click "Add to my bibliography." (Info will automatically be saved in MLA format, unless something else is selected [upper right corner of screen.])

Information will be saved in the correct format, and can be accessed or edited by logging in to your account.

To access the BibMe website click on the BibMe web address on this page.

We will use the "" website to cite for the purpose of these instructions. Click on "Website."

Enter the website address of the website that you want to include in your works cited in the "Website URL" box. You can copy and paste it or enter the address manually. Click on "Load info" after you have entered the website address.

A page with most of the information will appear. You will need to make sure that the page title in the "Page Title" box is the correct page title of the website you are citing. I needed to manually change the name of the page to "Works Cited" because that is the page I am citing. 

You will now need to enter the date that the website was created. The date can sometimes be difficult to find. Usually it is at the very bottom of the home page. Some websites do not have the date it was created or copyrighted. You will then leave this section blank. 

Add the creators or authors of the website. You will need to search the home page for the authors. Again, you may not find the names of the authors. If you don't see the names then leave the author section blank. Once you have completed this section click on "Add to My Bibliography."

 In the upper right hand corner you will see your website formatted. Click on "Download" if you are finished. Otherwise continue to add to your works cited by choosing a new medium (book, magazine, etc.).

When you click 'Download" a window will come up. If you are not registered you will need to register now. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENTS' PERMISSION! Otherwise the "log in" is in small text on the upper right hand corner of the window. Click on it.

Fill in your email address that you used for your account and your password. Click on "Login."

You will need to click on "Download" again. Your formatted works cited will be automatically downloaded for you. Print it out or save it!