How to Insert Your Essays onto Your Personal Website

First, you must be signed into your website. At the top left of the page you will see a link "Documents." Click on that link.

Next click on "New" and then choose "Document."

Click on "Untitled." A small window will appear. Type in the name of your essay and click "OK."

Copy and then paste your essay onto your Google Doc page. Next Choose "Edit" and then "Document Styles"

Choose "Georgia" font, size 12 font, and "Double Spaced." Click on "OK."

You will now need to save your document. Choose "File" and then "Save." Your document will be saved in Google Docs.

Now that your essay is saved in Google Docs you will be able to insert the document onto your essay page. Go to your essay page and choose "Edit."

After you choose "Edit" click on "Insert."  Choose  "Documents" and then click on the document that you want to insert. Last click on "Select."

Click on "Save" to insert your essay.

Once you have inserted your document you will need to click on "Save." You will not see any written text until you save your changes.

Your final product!