How to Deliver a Speech

How to Deliver a Speech


1. Approach the podium confidently and put your notes in a place where you can see them easily.


2. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Look at the audience, pause and begin speaking.


3. Make eye contact with people in different parts of the audience, including the back row.


4. Pause briefly after you state key points to allow the audience time to absorb the information. Also, use natural and relaxed hand gestures and facial expressions to emphasize certain points.


5. Pronounce your words clearly and vary your rate, pitch and volume to keep the delivery lively.


6. Refresh your memory by periodically glancing at your notes, but avoid reading from your notes directly. 


7. Close your speech by thanking the audience and then confidently exiting the stage.



      Visual aids will sometimes make certain points more effective.

      Practice in front of your family & friends. Ask for honest feedback.

      If you can, practice with the audio visual equipment you intend to use.

      Your enthusiasm and interest should be reflected by your voice (not your hands), this will help hold the audience's interest.

      Make eye contact with your audience whenever possible.

      Don't let pre-performance jitters upset you. It is common. Some simple exercises or meditation may help prepare you physically and mentally.


Practicing Eye Contact at Home!

Practice TIMING!

Practice VOICE!

Practice Speech: Stand and Deliver

Practice, practice, practice. I am looking forward to your next speech!